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“My voice is my instrument. Writing is my creative tool – both gifts from God.”

Veronica Cunningham is an engaging speaker, former talk show host and moderator committed to inspiring others to be authentic, resilient, discover their purpose, and achieve their own greatness. Honored by the Detroit City Council with a Testimonial Resolution saluting her “lifelong commitment to excellence in the fine arts” and noting her accomplishments in “reaching others through artistic expression,” Veronica is on a mission. Her Champion Spirit is most compelling during live presentations and workshops when sharing practical principles and strategies, not hype.  Insight—Inspiration—Information.

Veronica is impassioned, embracing her writing and speaking gifts and occasionally integrating her stimulating spoken word pieces that audiences describe as “the icing on the cake.” Her unique style delights and delivers with powerful impact. Speaking to diverse audiences at schools, conferences, campuses, corporate and faith-based events, non-profit organizations and retreats, Veronica captivates. The ascension began after writing and reciting on stage her compelling award-winning debut social commentary piece, “I Can’t Shut Up!”

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Veronica, International Best Selling Author

Honor and Celebrate Your Inner Champion

Crushed but Not Conquered:  A Guide to Celebrating the Champion in You

This engaging guidebook encourages people to think, take action, focus forward, and not allow self-doubt, devastating life events or distractions to prevent them from pursuing their dreams, passion, or purpose. Stemming from her own personal journey toward purpose, the Author offers insightful analogies, real-life examples, and vivid storytelling to illustrate important life lessons.

Lessons and strategies are integrated that motivate others to succeed with belief, a firm resolve, and an executable action plan.  Each chapter offers applicable and practical information and insight to help others overcome various stages of stagnation and procrastination.  Chapters are bracketed with thought-provoking and inspiring poetry.

Even if the novice carpenter has the right tools to build the house, without the right skills, training and discipline, the beautiful house will never be built and will remain shipwrecked on Fantasy Island. At some point, we must move beyond contemplation and consideration to felicitous and steadfast action to accomplish anything worthwhile. I hope this book will help jumpstart your mission.

—Veronica A. Cunningham, from The Introduction

Endeavoring daily to fulfill my Divine purpose to inspire and provoke thought via the written and spoken word is my greatest joy!”

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Voices of the 21st Century: Women Who Influence, Inspire and Make a Difference by Gail Watson

Veronica is pleased to be among the 30 inspiring women authors featured in the collaborative book, Voices of the 21st Century: Women Who Influence, Inspire and Make a Difference. We are at a defining moment in history . . .

The world is shifting into a new era, one with women ascending to the forefront as leaders in the twenty-first century. Within these pages, you’ll discover powerful female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire.  Veronica’s chapter is entitled, Your Mind is a Gold Mine, and addresses the importance of mining your mind, your most valuable asset, and maintaining a victorious mindset, concluding with an evolutionary poem entitled “Freedom.”

Behind each story is a woman bold and brave enough to have her voice be heard.

Coach Veronica

Develop a Champion Mindset & Live a Victorious Life!

Are you feeling stuck?  Unfulfilled?  Are you silently suffering in a sea of shame?  Or, are you simply ready to expand your awareness and elevate your consciousness to a higher level by developing a Champion Mindset?  If so, I can help you do that.  The conscious mind is powerful, but many underestimate or are unaware of the astounding power of the subconscious mind.  Learning to harmonize the two requires deliberate engagement.  Navigating through many adversities, life challenges, and wildernesses caused me unnecessary anxiety until I sought, studied and cultivated a Champion Mindset.  The inner peace and harmony was so liberating!  Coaching others on the technique has been my purposeful pleasure!

Whatever the challenge is that has you stuck, I can help guide you through a process of identification and discovery to uncover and unleash your greatest gift and power.  The channels of creativity expand when you’re dwelling in a sanctuary of peace, purpose, and passion.  Peace of mind is just one of the staples of a Champion Mindset.  Other tenets enable you to be free, resilient, determined, action-oriented, energized, focused, and grateful.  I would love to partner with you in your journey to design and live the victorious life you imagine. Life can be fulfilling as you rise to your next level of greatness!  The formula is simple, proven, and reliable.”

As a Certified Life Coach, Veronica successfully helps women to gain or regain self-confidence, identify and overcome obstacles, as well as, discover their purpose.  Incorporating life coaching was a natural expansion for Veronica as she mentored at-risk youth via the Detroit Compact Program and others throughout her life.  The teenage girls she mentored were rebellious and outspoken, yet receptive to being mentored, which made Veronica’s job challenging and rewarding. “Being a role model and mentor to the girls was my absolute pleasure because I had an opportunity to influence and eye-witness their growth and development in real time,” Cunningham recalled.



Being a Transformational Life Coach partly stemmed from Veronica’s speaking to audiences who desired one-on-one professional coaching to supplement her keynote messages in the self-development realm.

What People are Saying

Patty Reynolds wrote:

I didn’t think I needed coaching until I met Veronica at her Evening of Inspiration.  After we talked I had a discovery session with her.  I saw value in her insight and ability to listen and mentor me in ways I didn’t realize I needed.   I highly recommend Veronica as a coach because she is patient, a good listener and insightful.  I have made improvements in my life based on having a champion mindset now.  I look forward to more.

Camille Rushing

Pastor Vicky Love

Jeanetta Carr

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